Vacational School of Health Services

The Vocational School, intending to contribute our country’s development by training generations who are open to collaboration and sharing, using knowledge efficiently, constantly researching and learning, following technology, knowing the value of human life, is an educational institution in which conscious and responsible individuals applying their learning get education by making no concessions from the sense of contemporary and qualified education.
The Vocational School, thanks to the programs in its scope, aims both to give young people in the region opportunity to study more and to meet the need of assistant medical staff for health institutions in the region. The School also aims to continue modern education’s services about the requirements of the region, to create necessary opportunities for the young to have higher education, and to go on perpetuating the qualities of contemporary education.

In the Vocational School, there are classes with computers and projectors, and labs equipped with technological devices and materials for students and academic staff to do all kinds of scientific researches, a library and a canteen.

Department of Child Care and Youth Services
Department of Health Care Services
Department of Therapy and Rehabilitation
Department of Medical Services and Techniques 

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