School of Foreign Languages

          Our school, whose basic purpose is to prepare the pupils who will teach in foreign languages in this field and increase their level of knowledge; and also, by getting the education and training level to the highest level, our school presents reasonable solutions to foreign language problems of its pupils and shareholders, who want to get language training. With its physical facilities and teaching staff benefiting from technological advances,  our school  turns language acquisition from a heavy burden into a language education that is  professionally performed  and it  has a leading role in terms of foreign language teaching.
             In our school, the pupils attending prep-classes are not given only language education but also they are introduced to the culture and mentality of the language they are learning and furthermore it helps our university to get a privileged position among other educational institutions by contributing to our university’s success in national and international field.
In our school, supportive studies are provided to compensate the deficiencies of pupils who will be sent abroad for education by the Board of Higher Education and Ministry of National Education.  In this school, there are classes, computer labs, a reading room and a simultaneous conference hall.
     Department of Western Languages
     Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects
     Department of Eastern Languages
     Department of Turkish Language Teaching To Foreigners

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