– Patnos Sultan Alpaslan Faculty Of Natural Sciences And Engineering



          By providing a comprehensive, functional education and training program equipped with up-dated knowledge, and by training graduates having the necessary basic science, maths and programming knowledge and skills including  scientific bases necessary for applications and advanced researches, absolute analysis and productive design for their occupational careers, our faculty  aims at  increasing the life standards, developing and spreading technology and at the same time it tries to contribute to the efforts of our country to get its well deserved  place in the world economy where the countries that produce high added value products have leading roles.

            Our faculty has the principle of having an academic staff equipped with contemporary knowledge, respectful to ethic values, updating the substructure of education and training research and development. Besides, it gives priority to train engineers who make  authentic  researches in engineering and natural sciences,  and it aims at educating engineers who develop projects that will contribute to social and industrial improvement with the treatises he or she generates in addition, the trained engineers having the skills of investigating and problem solving  prioritize cooperation among disciplines.

 In our faculty, there are classes equipped with computers, projector and high technological devices, a reading room for our students to spend their free time as efficiently as possible, a canteen and computer labs having a clean and refreshing atmosphere.



                Department of Computer Engineering                    

                Department Of Architecture

                Department of Electric- Electronic Engineering

                Department of Food Engineering

                Department of Construction Engineering

                Department of Environmental Engineering

                Department of Mechanical Engineering

                Department of Geodesy and Photogrametry

                Department of Material Science and Engineering

                Department of Mechatronics Engineering

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