Faculty Of Science and Letters


Grounded on student-centered education, our faculty is nationally and internationally known with its education, its research quality and the knowledge that it has produced as a candidate for internalization in the light of international science; in the pursuit of solutions for social and basic problems, it encourages team work and scientific work in this direction, and it has a participating and supporting management within an ever-growing perspective.

In our faculty, there are classes and lecture halls equipped with the premium computers and automatic slide projectors, reading hall for our students to make use of their spare time or to study, a spacious and clean canteen, a conference hall where conferences, notices and ceremonies are held, students labs and research labs equipped with technologic devices and material for our students and academic staff in science departments to conduct any scientific works, internet informatics class, computer labs and open offices.



Department of Archeology

Department of Biology

Department of Geography

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Department of Eastern Languages and Literature

Department of Philosophy

Department of Physics

Department of English Language and Literature

Department of Chemistry


Department of Mathematics

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Department of Psychology

Department of Russian Language and Literature

Department of Art History

Department of Sociology

Department of History

Department of Turkish Language and Literature

Department of Statistics

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