Faculty Of Education


Our faculty of education with its 47-year and successful history maintains its teaching-loving and endearing-learning perspective. Our faculty which has the culture of learning and is an education and research institution in international standards aims to raise generations oriented information in the field of education and in the light of scientific approach, contribute to the regional and national educational problems, to train well-equipped teachers with deep knowledge who adopt life-long learning and keeping himself updated as principle in training the new generations,

Our faculty has classes and lecture halls equipped with computers and automatic slide projectors, studios for drawing, figure, visual communication, sculpture, design, handcrafts and graphic print studios, meeting, concerts, seminar, drama and music halls, research and computer labs, library and canteen.



Department of Computer and Instructional Sciences Technology

Department of Educational Sciences

Department of Fine Arts Education

Department of Elementary Religious Culture and Ethics Education

Department of Elementary Turkish Education

Department of Special Education

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