Faculty Of Economics & Administrative Sciences



Our faculty carries out practices for the students to be employed in major careers with their scientific knowledge about economics and administration, to start independent business and to plan entrepreneurship, and it aims to train the students to accommodate to the business life.

With its young and dynamic academic staff who has proved themselves in their fields, our faculty, which aims to put forward the best education, sets its objectives so that the students will be well-equipped about their jobs in future, self-assured, prone to teamwork and so they will easily accommodate in the business life.

In our faculty whose classes are equipped with the premium computers, automatic slide projectors and many other devices, lecture halls and smart classes, there are also a reading hall and computer labs where our students can spend their spare time.



Department of Business

Department of Economics

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Department Of Management Information Systems

Department of Econometrics

Department of Public Finance

Department of International Relations

Department of Labor Economics and Industry

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