Eleşkirt Vocational School

The School, aiming to train qualified work force for specific professions, take active roles in preparing students for life by getting the habit of knowledge, skills, behavior, collaboration, and the qualified work force is trained for business world. Having the aim of contributing to the development of society and country under the light of scientific knowledge, the School makes a great effort to raise students as the individuals, who adopt contemporary and universal principles, have great knowledge and skill in order to prepare them for life. In this context, the students of Vocational Schools have the opportunity to develop their skills and to consolidate their knowledge and experiences that they have during their education with applied training they will do in public and private institutions.
In the Vocational School, there are classes with computers and projectors, and labs equipped with technological devices and materials for students and academic staff to do all kinds of scientific researches, a library, social areas and a canteen.
Department of Vegetative and Animal Production
Department of Computer Technologies
Department of Mechanical and Metal Technologies
Department of Electricity and Energy 

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