Eleşkirt Celal Oruç School of Animal Production

 Eleşkirt Celal Oruç School of Animal Production

For the last few years, stoke breeding in our country has had a structural shift and dairying enterprises called “small family foundations” have decreased so rapidly. As a result, number of enterprises, which contain 100 or more cattle, has increased thanks to the effects of financial support for dairying and breeding. On the other hand, the management of such big enterprises requires professionalism and there isn’t any higher education institution that train crafts called ‘’ farm director’’ in our country. Our school has trained farm directors the need for whom has been high in recent years and it is the only and first institution to have been established for his purpose in our country.

     In our school building, inspired by Anatolian Seljuk social complex architecture, there are classes and lecture halls with computers and projectors, computer labs, an internet room, a library, a canteen, a leisure centre along with a modern farm that has the capacity of 250 cattle.



     Department of Animal Breeding and Management


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