Doğubayazıt Ahmed-i Hani Vocational School

The Vocational School, having the aim of training entrepreneurs to establish their own business and qualified staff that sectors need in the field of education, is a higher education institution having high capacity for processing information, basing on experience and skill, and awarding diploma after a two-year associate degree. In the School, attaching importance to train qualified staff to meet need of intermediate staff knowing theory and capable of application by benefitting from technology, an important part of teaching and learning activities is actually carried out as internship in related institutions. 
In the Vocational School, there are classes with computers and projectors, and labs equipped with technological devices and materials for students and academic staff to do all kinds of scientific researches, a library, social areas and a canteen.
Department of Marketing and Foreign Trade
Department of Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Services
Department of Travelling, Tourism and Entertainment Services
Department of Food Processing
Department of Veterinary
Department of Building Control 

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