Continuing Education Centre

The Center was founded to conduct University - Industry cooperation projects, the business community in education, and collaboration with industry, innovation projects, lifelong learning programs for all ages. Conference, panel and courses, held together with Faculty, Schools and Vocational Schools on different dates, serve as a bridge between university and public. While ongoing projects providing opportunities for the unemployed to find a job, they also contribute to children, women and families’ education
In this context, 40 young people gained profession with three SODES projects, whose budget is approximately ¨250.000, 40 high school students had the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and to implement self-produced projects. Within the scope of SODES, ¨393.000 was transferred to three projects in 2009 – 2010, and also ¨169.657 for three projects in 2010-2011. Certificates were given to 690 persons in the scope of medical secretary, computerized accounting, computer, family education, business English and personal development courses, organized by CEC. 23 organizations were held under the name of career days during the fall and spring semesters.

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