Central Application and Research Laboratory

 Central Research Laboratory was founded to catch up the international standards in technological and scientific substructure. The laboratory has the same standards as the most developed laboratories in the world. The laboratory has made the application to be accredited and obtained the substructure to perform such routine analyses as drinking water, always needed in the region, waste water, food, aggregate, concrete, construction, coal, fuel and agricultural analyses. Moreover, it is a base for organic agriculture, greenhouse with the optimal use of geothermal energy, animal husbandry, beekeeping, implementing of modern agriculture related to forage crops production, making R&D studies to improve quality and quantity of KOBI which is interested in producing herbal food, meat, milk and egg.
While carrying out advanced scientific studies and research, the laboratory also cooperates with international laboratories by exchanging scientists and also supporting both our institutions and teachers’ master and PhD theses related to the development of Ağrı. Besides, it supports students in secondary schools for participating science Olympics, and other national and international competitions. As a result, Ağrı Central Research and Application Laboratory is considered to be one of the most important investments for this region by our university.

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